OFW Loan Pricing Comparison and Calculator

For landbased Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), have a look at the loan comparison chart we put together from information we gathered from different private lending companies. This table serves as a calculator for various loan amounts. It shows how much your monthly payment would be for 6 months and no grace period given the loan amount. We use the net pay out amount, after any up-front fees deducted to make the numbers comparable. Wherever possible, we use mystery shopping and actual amortization tables shared by customers:

Asialink / Finaswide Balikbayad PJH Zazu 123 Lending
30,000 7,822.50 6,779.17 8,454.44 7,317.15 6,952.80
50,000 13,037.50 11,345.83 14,090.91 12,195.25 11,588.00
70,000 18,252.50 15,912.50 19,727.27 17,073.35 16,223.20
100,000 26,075.00 22,762.50 28,181.82 24,390.50 23,176.00
120,000 31,290.00 27,329.17 33,817.76 29,268.60 27,811.20
150,000 39,112.50 34,179.17 42,272.20 36,585.75 34,764.00
180,000 46,935.00 41,029.17 50,726.64 43,902.90 41,716.80
200,000 52,150.00 45,595.83 56,362.93 48,781.00 46,352.00

For seaman loans, please click here.

If you are a returning OFW and need the loan for business purposes, you could also consider an OWWA Loan.

22 thoughts on “OFW Loan Pricing Comparison and Calculator”

      1. Hello Evelyn! The loan amount to be granted will depend on several factors po. Tinitignan ni lender kung magkano ang kinikita ninyo buwan-buwan, kung mayroon kayong mga assets na maaaring magamit bilang collateral, at ang kakayahan magbayad. Depende po ito per lender.

  1. Good day my sister working in jeddah she want to apply loan can she loan even shes working in jeddah?Thanks

    1. Hi Sapia, that depends on the lending company. Suggest you visit their websites and send an inquiry directly.

    1. Hi Paps, that should be somewhere between 30k and 35k in monthly installment. Please contact the lending company of your choice directly for an exact computation.

    1. Hi Terry, you will need to apply with the lending companies directly.
      Please follow the links to learn how to apply.

  2. Hi Pjh! Can u pls give me a calculation for 100k for 12 & 18 mos. And my partner is in riyadhcan he apply at pjh? Thank you!

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    1. Hi Ramonito! Interest rate is at 7.5%, so that’s 50,000 x 7.5% every month 🙂 We’re not sure though if this is the equation followed for the computation of interest payment 🙂

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