Global Dominion Financing Incorporated

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One of the many lending companies that assists Filipino migrant workers with their financial needs is Global Dominion Financing Incorporated. Keep reading to learn more about this company and find out if they could be your right partner for your financial needs.

Who Is Global Dominion Financing Incorporated? 

Global Dominion Financing Incorporated  or GDFI is a financing firm that can help you achieve your goals through easy and affordable loans. Similar to banks, GDFI offers loan facilities depending on your needs, whether for a car, working capital for your business, or even payment for medical expenses. Unlike major financial institutions, their interest rates are easier to manage and less hassle to pay.

For many years, GDFI was able to provide lending services to various sectors including OFWs, professionals, students, and even career executives. Some of their products include car loan, secondhand financing, truck loan, real estate loan, corporate loan, and business loan among others.

The company strives not only to become a financing company of choice but also a household name when it comes to financial needs preferred by Filipinos around the world.

Global Dominion Financing Incorporated as Your Partner for Your Cash Needs

The good news is GDFI also provides loan facilities for overseas Filipino workers. You can avail either of the two:

  • OFW Loan – This facility is available for both sea-based or land-based OFWs. Simply complete the application process and wait for your approval within 24 hours. This is advisable if you want to have worry-free before deployment, say you need a pocket money while waiting for your first salary abroad or to help you pay for your ticket.
  • Pinoy Abroad Loan – This facility is recommended if you are still abroad and you need cash as soon as possible. It is also available to both land-based and sea-based migrant workers. Nonetheless, maximum loanable amount is P250,000.

In case you have an existing business, you can also apply for their Business Loan or Business Improvement Loan.

Basic Global Dominion Financing Incorporated Loan Requirements:

  • Filipino citizen
  • At 21 to 59 years at the time of loan maturity
  • Should have a stable source of income
  • Must have an active and working contact number

Each loan product offered by GDFI has specific set of requirements. Nevertheless, make sure you are able to comply with their basic requirements before you apply for a loan.

Why Choose Global Dominion Financing Incorporated? 

  • They offer a variety of loan products to fit your specific needs.
  • Affordable and reasonable interest rates that are easy for you to manage.
  • Multiple branches all over the Philippines, thereby making it easier for you to apply for a loan and get the cash you need.
  • Provides easy and faster processing of loan applications.

Check out their website to learn more information about Global Dominion Financing Inc., the products and services they offer, and the requirements you need to comply with when applying for a loan:

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Available products: Seaman Loan, Car Loan, Business Loan, Medical Loan