123 Lending Corporation

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There are many financial institutions that could assist every Overseas Filipino Workers with their cash needs. One of them is 123 Lending Corporation.

Get to know this company a little bit better to find out if they are the right one for your financial needs.

Who is 123 Lending Corporation? 

The company had its humble beginnings in March 2013 in Cebu. With the right, experienced people, and combined experiences in local lending, the company became a leading lender in Cebu City, particularly for the OFW market.

In January 2014, the company opened its first 123 Lending Manila branch. Similar to 123 Lending Cebu, the Manila branch housed experienced personnel to better provide financial assistance for migrant workers.

The following year, the company opened 123 Lending Cagayan de Oro in March 2015 to provide financial assistance and extend lending services in Mindanao. With high-level efficient service and competitive rates, 123 Lending Corporation grew quickly.

In less than five years, all of their success can be attributed to their mission of providing quick, easy, and friendly loan services to every OFW that offers reasonable and affordable rates.

At the present, the lending company extended its services to IT BPO and call center employees. It is also headed by an American with 30 years of international and 10 years local business experience, so you know you are in good hands.

Why Choose 123 Lending Corporation for your financial needs? 

123 Lending is a lending leader when it comes to OFW loans. The company offers non-collateral, personal loan payable within 12 months or less at affordable and reasonable rates that are not too heavy on the pocket.

Their fast loan processing makes it easier for you to transact business with them, even allowing same-day processing depending on various conditions. `123 Lending understands the difficulty of adjusting with your new life overseas, thereby deferring your first loan payment for two months to help you settle down and not worry – yet – with the payment of loan.

What are the Products / Services Offered by 123 Lending?

  • OFW Loan – Financial assistance for Filipino migrant workers with valid overseas employment contract. 123 lending requirements for faster processing include proof of billing, 2 valid IDs (preferably government-issued), Contract / Offer letter, and OEC, ticket, and Visa. You can avail of this facility while abroad simply by filling up the application form online. Make sure to indicate your date of arrival in the Philippines for processing.
  • Salary Loan – This facility allows you to loan up to P80,000 with no collateral. Two latest consecutive payslips and ATM payroll are required, together with the other requirements for OFW loan. This product is also available for I.T. and call center agents.
  • Quick Cash Loan – This product allows up to P25,000 with no collateral. Processing is one day only upon completion of requirements similar to salary loan.

You can submit your application together with the complete requirements in their Manila, Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro branches for faster processing. Below is the list of 123 Lending Corporation branches with their respective addresses and contact numbers:

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For more information about 123 Lending Corporation, check out their website: www.123lendingcorp.com