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There are various lending companies sprouting that aims to help overseas Filipino workers with their cashflow needs. Policies and guidelines vary, but the main purpose is to assist OFWs and make lending easier and more accessible for them. One of these companies is Balikbayad.

You can apply for their loan online:

Who is Balikbayad? 

One of the new and fast growing firm when it comes to lending, Balikbayad lending company is part of First Digital Finance Corporation, a fin-tech company based in Manila. It is composed of a team of professionals with experience in local and international banking, technology, and consulting.

The company’s mission: To be able to drive financial innovation throughout the region. Balikbayad lending company provides a loan facility that is catered towards the needs of every overseas Filipino worker, considering the costs involved in securing a job outside the Philippines.

Why Choose Balikbayad?  

We all know how gruesome it is to get a loan. Thankfully, Balikbayad is willing to make it easier for you so you can focus on your work. In fact, there are three reasons why Balikbayad can be the best lending company for you:

  1. There are fewer requirements. Unlike many lending companies that require a long list of things you need to comply with, Balikbayad will require you to present your employment documents such as contract, passport, overseas employment certificate, and working visa. There is no need for multiple IDs or pictures.
  2. The processing of loan is faster. Balikbayad uses the latest computer software to handle and process loan applications. This also means no information or application folder will be lost.
  3. They offer competitive rates. Balikbayad lending company offers competitive rates to make loan repayment easier for you. More importantly, they do not deduct any fees on your requested loan amount, which means you can get the entire amount.

How to Apply for Balikbayad Loan

Getting a loan requires three steps:

  1. Apply online for pre-approval. Make sure to fill all the information as accurately as possible.
  2. Visit Balikbayad branch and submit all the requirements. You can skip the first step and proceed to this. Upon submission of requirements, an account officer will explain the products available. You will also be asked to enter your loan application in their system and thereafter, credit verification will be conducted.
  3. Get your cash. At this point, you will be asked to open and maintain a checking account upon presentation of bank endorsement letter from Balikbayad. You will also be asked to sign loan documents and issue post-dated checks for payment. You can now encash the check or get the cash from the nearest bank.

Where to Find Balikbayad? 

If you are interested in securing a loan, apply online:

They have branches in Manila and Cebu:

1347 Adriatico Street,
Ermita, Manila
(above BDO)

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+63 2 310 1535 

+63 977 690 1346 (Globe) 

+63 918 601 2352 (Smart) 

Rm 351, Colon Development Corporation Bldg,
Osmeña Blvd,
Cebu City

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+63 915 165 9335 (Globe) 

+63 920 545 8224 (Smart 

Available Products: Seaman and OFW loan

You can also send them an email at: [email protected]

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For more information about Balikbayad, you can check their website with online application: