Enterprise Development Training: A Requirement You Need to Comply when Applying for OWWA Loan

One of the projects offered by the Overseas Welfare Workers Association or OWWA is the Enterprise Development and Loan Program, popularly known as OWWA Loan. Its primary aim is to aid Filipino migrant workers to go back and stay in the Philippines for good through business enterprise development.

Here’s the catch: if you wish to avail of the OWWA loan, you need to undergo Enterprise Development Training or EDT. In fact, it is one of the major requirements you need to comply with before your loan application is processed. Upon submission of your loan application, you need to show proof that you finished the course.

EDT has three phases, which you will learn more in detail below.ย Phase 1: Program Orientation and Business Appreciation

In this phase, you will be introduced to the concept of business, understanding a business venture, and the qualities you need to posses to help you in running and maintaining your chosen field. There will also be Personal Entrepreneurial Assessment to help you identify your strengths and possible weaknesses in handling a business.

At this phase, you will also be asked to present your business ideas and draft your business plan. Experts will be looking into your business plans, so pay attention as to the areas of improvement.

In case you have questions on the OWWA loan facility, this is the perfect phase to raise them so you will have a better understanding.

Then, you can move on to the next phase.

Phase 2: Project-Specific Training / Visit to Demo Farms / Immersionย 

Your chosen business enterprise can be divided into two categories: AGRI and NON-AGRI.

If your proposed business is in the agricultural sector, you will have project-specific trainings and hands-on experience with relevant government agencies such as Department of Agriculture or Department of Agrarian Reform. You will also have social preparations sessions where you will attend trainings on bookkeeping or record keeping, and other skills training such as food handling, marketing strategies, and developing production skills.

If you prefer a business venture that isย non-agricultural,ย OWWA will refer you to relevant agencies such as TESDA and DTI. You will be taught management and technical skills applicable to your proposed business, plus networking techniques to help your business grow. You will likewise be given a Basic Productivity Toolbox as part of the Social Preparation Intervention.

After this stage, you will move on to the last phase.

Phase 3: Business Plan Writing Seminar

You already have a business plan at the start of your EDT. At this stage, you will be asked to incorporate all your learnings from phases 1 and 2 into your business plan. Land Bank will give you basic knowledge on how to prepare a business plan to boost your chances of approval.

Once you completed the three phases of Enterprise Development Training, you will be given a Certificate of Attendance to prove that you went through the process. Then, complete the other requirements needed to process your OWWA Loan application. Thereafter, you will be endorsed to Land Bank, where a 40-day verification period will run as part of the application process.

To know the schedule of EDT, you may contact the OWWA Office near you.

150 thoughts on “Enterprise Development Training: A Requirement You Need to Comply when Applying for OWWA Loan”

    1. Where can i get schedule for EDT?
      I plan to attend this,training on my schedule leave back to Philippines.
      Any requirements i need to prepare to attend this training?

  1. I am an ex ofw for 5 yrs Can I apply for an owwa loan to augment our existing business financial requirements?

      1. Mam tricycle po sana ang gusto ko i-loan, pede po ba iyon. Need pa po ba ng collateral? Unang try ko po ito gamitin ang owwa loan after 13+ years as an ofw. Pls reply. Yan po kc gusto ko gawin biznes. TRICYCLE. Mga 2 units ang plans ko. Kaya nmn kumita nyan ng 10K a month.

  2. Hi,

    How many days needed in enterprise development training? Currently, I’m OFW working as engineer in Singapore within 4 years.

    Am I qualified?

    Please response. Thanks.


    1. Hi Jerome, EDT usually lasts 2 days only. All active OFW-OWWA members are qualified since this is a mandatory requirement if you plan to apply for OWWA loan. Nonetheless, it is best to confirm this at the nearest OWWA office in your place.


          1. How about the EDT? Can my authorized representative (spouse) or co-borrower attend this in my behalf?

          2. Hi Cello, apologies but we are not sure on this one. From our understanding, the person applying for the loan should also be the one attending the EDT.

  3. Is the ETD certificate have expiration?i plan to attend this training while im here in phils.but im going maybe next month.i want to build the agri business after my 2 year contract when im back here.

    1. Hi, we’re not sure. Nonetheless, we believe that as long as the ETD certificate pertains to the same business you want to open even after your contract has expired, then it will suffice.

  4. Is an ex-OFW qualified on this? I came home for good last May 2009 from my 12 yrs+ employment in KSA and 6 yrs prior to that in another company also in KSA, 2 yrs in S’pore and 2 yrs in KSA – my first overseas employment last 1982-84 termed OCWs. Would like to enroll in EDT, but where to apply?

    1. You may apply in the OWWA main office or the regional offices, whichever is more accessible to you.

  5. Hi.Im planning to go home for good.How much is the minimum and maximum attainable amount can be loan in owwa?thank you.

  6. Hi I have existing business I want to avail OWWA loan to augment my capital. Is it possible ? I have brand new SUV as collateral

      1. Hi,
        If SUV use for collateral, how about if SUV is still on mortgage with the bank? Is it ok to use as collateral?

        1. Hello Zaldy! Apparently, this is not a good arrangement since this would mean OWWA/Landbank will be the secondary mortgagee. You can use other assets like time deposit as a collateral ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Good day, I am planning to take the EEDT, can you provide me the schedule and venue of this event.
    Many thanks.

  8. hi i been 11 years working here in saudi arabia and im planning to cameback in the philippines the latter part of this year for good and i have my 5months ongoing ministuff business and for additional capital should i can be applyfor owwa loan?what are the requirement s i needto provide?

  9. Hi. Good day. I’m planning to apply for owwa loan. May I ask how much would be the interest for 100,000php? And is it possible to guarantee my loan for uber driver business?

    Please reply. Blessings ahead.


    1. Yes, although you have to sign in the Real Estate Mortgage as well. Another option would be you mother can apply for the loan and you will be her co-borrower.

  11. Hello ma’am I’m planning to go home this coming November for for good I’m 5 years working here in Malaysia ..can I avail the owwa loan for piggery and folltry that’s my dream but no capital ..ma’am how if I don’t have thingsโ€‹ for collateral …I can apply loan even I don’t have collateral.. please reply …

    1. Hi Elvie, you can avail of an OWWA Loan for your business of choice. If walang maico-collateral, it is recommended that you apply with a co-borrower.

  12. Good evening ma’am mag tatanong lng Po ako paano ako maka avail Ng loan sa OWWA dhil Wala akong pang collateral 5years na ako dto sa Malaysia at pagod nku gusto ko nang tumigil sa pag abroad ..Ang problima ko Wala akung pang collateral ..my lupa kmi pero hawak lng nmin Ang tax declaration Wala kaming land tittles..gusto ko mag gawa Ng piggery at polltry ..pls help me ..

  13. Good day, Ms. Aisha,
    I have posted a question earlier and this is just a follow-up.
    May I please inquire about the what, where, when and how of the Entrepreneurship Development Training Seminar.
    I plan on attending as soon as possible, but we are already conducting our own business plan, to be revised according to what I will learn in the seminar.
    Thank you very much.
    I am hoping to hear your reply to all my questions.
    You can send them to [email protected] if it is convenient for you. I will check the site as often as I can to see if you have replied. God bless.

    1. Hi Landair,

      It should be you father who should apply for the OWWA Loan. If he is unable to go home, then he can execute a Special Power of Attorney to allow you or your mother to transact on his behalf. As to the schedule of EDT, we do not know. It is best to direct your concern directly with OWWA. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a lender to help you start a business, you may consider OFW Lending Companies. Please check this page for comparison – http://www.ofwloans.ph/ofw-loan/compare-loans/

  14. Hello ma’am plano ko pong mag avail ng OWWA loan problema ko po lang ang pang collateral. My housing loan po ako sa pag ibig ngunit hindi pa po fully paid my posibilidad po ba kayang ma approved. At pwdi po ba kaya yong housing loan ko maaaring pang collateral ko since nagbabayad na po kami ng tax declaration po sa munisipyo.

    1. Hello Ed. Kung may existing Housing Loan kayo with PAG-IBIG, ibig sabihin po ay naka-collateral yung property kay PAG-IBIG. Kung nais niyo po mag-apply ng OWWA Loan, mainam na magkaroon kayo ng co-maker or co-borrower upang magarantiya na mababayaran ang loan. Salamat.

  15. hi good day.
    i am planning for a franchising business, like small gas station of convenience store. does owwa loan granting those kind of business also?

    1. Hi Michael. Yes, OWWA may grant a loan for this kind of business. Just make sure you are able to submit all the requirements they’re asking for faster processing of loan application.

  16. Good day!!!
    I am active OFW. 2011 I attended the EDT Sminar in Phil Trade Pasay.But did’nt continue my application since i go back to work again.Now,i want to pursue my loan,can i use my old EDT CERTIFICATE?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Charito. You can use the EDT certificate if you will pursue the same business you want to initially start. But the OWWA might ask you to attend again since 2011 pa yung certificate.

  17. Hi good day,
    Im here in taiwan as factory worker for 9 years, i want to loan to start my own bussines and go home for good, can i undergo EDT training here? They were issue certificare here? Thanks

  18. i want to avail the loan kahit nasa abroad pa ako, i wanted to expand my business through my representative, can i still have another way to avail this loan kahit nasa abroad pa po, sayang kasi panahon kung mag aantay pa nang bakasyon para mag attend nang mga semenars.

  19. H, i came back here in Phil This year March 2017. I am an Active owwa member. Can i apply loan without collateral?

  20. Dear Aisha,

    Is OFW Re-integration program also cater for a non-collateral loan?
    What are the requirements?

      1. Hi Ms.Anigan,

        Good morning/afternoon po sa inyo,pwede ko po bang ma-avail ang owwa loan kung sakasakali? Gusto ko po kasing mag tayo ng sari sari store sa bahay namin,3 years po akong ofw sa saudi and 1 year po sa kuwait,plan ko po kasing mag stay na lang sa pinas kapag umuwi ako this november at mag focus sa tindahang itatayo ko sa bahay.,thank you and more power po sa inyo


        1. Hi Rex. We suggest that you borrow from banks or private lenders instead of OWWA for your preferred business. Mas mabilis po ang proseso and less requirements po na kailangan i-submit.

  21. Hi,

    I hope all is well.

    I do have the following questions for you below. I hope you could assist me? Thanks in advance.

    My husband worked in Qatar for 7 years and he’s an OWWA member. He resigned on his work last April and planning to start a Water Refilling Station business here in the Philippines.
    1) May I ask if he’s qualified to apply for OWWA loan?
    2) Do you offer loans without collateral?

    Looking forward hearing from you soon.


    1. Hi Melfa. Your husband may be qualified as long as he meet all the requirements. You can apply for a loan without a collateral as long as there is a co-maker.

  22. I was a member of OWWA since 2008 but after 2012 til 2017 i didnt have a permanent job abroad. Am i still eligible on this program?

  23. Hi, Good day,
    I’ve been in my company for more than 11 years and I’ve decided to go back home for good, I’m here already in Philippines, I heard that I will be getting benefits? Is it true?
    Also I want to apply for a loan and start a business. I’m staying in Pampanga, Please advise..Thank you and more power


  24. Hi, im in Thailand. Just wanna ask if ever i have a collateral, do I still need to have a co borrower? And what are the other requirements to avail this loan. Im planning to start a piggery business.

  25. hi mam,ask ko , may 15 days lang po akong vacation leave, at gusto kung mag avail ng OWWA loan . sa pag attend ko po ng EDT isasama ko po asawa.pwede po cya na lang mag follow up kung ano p yung kulang . gusto ko n po kasing mag start ng business sa pinas bago ako mag for good sa ibang bansa. pls reply

  26. Hello, magkano amount ang pupuedeng ma-loan sa OWWA business loan ng isang OFW like me . . . .? For example, I already started a (4k cavan) storage building & dryer for Palay Buy & Sell business. The civil construction already cost me almost P1M. As of now preparing my 2-hec land as collateral.

    1. Maximum is P2 million, but the loan amount will depend on your collateral, capacity to pay, nature of business, etc., which only OWWA can determine how much.

  27. Good day,

    Sa Philippines lang ba nag bibigay ng EDT ang OWWA?does OWWA office outside Philippines provide EDT trainings?

    Thank you…

  28. Hi. We are currently working in Dubai po but looking ways to get OWWA loan. Since we cannot attend the EDT, paano po kaya. How to get Loan and start up a business in Manila. We are planning to open Rice dealership at ang kapatid ko ang katiwala namin.
    Please I need advise po thru my email [email protected]

    Thank you.

    1. EDT is required for OWWA Loan. You can consider private lenders, but most of them will require physical appearance. We suggest po to take advantage of your vacation in the Philippines and then execute SPA authorizing someone to transact on your behalf.

  29. hi ms.aisha! i am currently working aboard, how can i attend the seminar. i already use my vacation leave. we have a plan in purchasing a tricycle.my husband is in the Philippines right now. can he attend in my behalf. he is x-ofw.

  30. Hi Ma’am! I have an existing corn plantation in my place with a total area of approx. 10 hectares but so far due to manual farming I can’t cover-up to farm the 10 hectares area, last cropping I just accommodate 5 hectares only and the rest is still vacant. Can I avail farm tractor to increase my corn production without collateral but I will pay in cash 20% of the total amount.

    1. Hi Musa. Are you an OFW with an existing Employment Contract? The OWWA Loan is specifically designed for OFWs. Otherwise, you can consider banks or other private lenders to help you augment your capital needs for the business. Thanks!

  31. Blessed day Mam/Sir,

    How long it will take po sa pag attend ng EDT kasi I’m planning to attend during my vacation this coming December. My initial plan is to put up a school supplies business by next after when I finish my contract here in KSA.
    Appreciate immediate response po.

    Thank you and God Bless U more.

    1. Hi Rogelio, from what we know, this usually takes two days, although it could go shorter or longer. We suggest that you ask OWWA directly since we don’t want to give the wrong information. Thanks!

    1. Hi Aimee. Ang OFW Loan ay intended po for those with existing employment contracts. You can consider private lenders in case you need assistance to be able to put up your own business. Salamat.

    1. Hi Win. For OWWA Loan, yes, collateral is required since this guarantees your loan. Real estate property is ideal, although OWWA may accept other forms of collateral like Purchase Order, Lease Contract where the business is situation, or you can apply with a co-maker.

  32. Hi good morning Iโ€™m ex ofw 4 days ago . Iโ€™m work as ofw for almost 10 yrs . Iโ€™m presently unemployed and staying in the Philippines. Planning to apply owwa loan for house rental business. I have house and lot property but my iincome tax return still on going process these yr. then the business location is not under my name . Under the name of mother . But the house n lot is under my name . Is it qualified to avail the owwa loan? Your reply is highly appreciated

    1. hello Maria. We suggest po that you attend the Enterprise Development Training first since this will determine if you can be qualified for the loan and your proposed business is both viable and sustainable. The requirements will also be discussed there, which is a good opportunity po to raise these concerns since they are more qualified to answer them. If it helps, you can use the house and lot as a collateral since it is under your name ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Hi,
    I am an OFW for almost 13 years, I want to apply for an OWWA loan for my house improvement/renovations, is there any such loan which OWWA offers to OFW like me?


    1. Hello Julius. As much as OWWA wants to help, the OWWA Loan is only applicable for business purposes only. Nonetheless, you can try other government agencies like SSS and PAG-IBIG since they offer housing loan facilities for OFWs. Thanks!

  34. Good day, I’m a seaman planing to start a
    Apartment rentals business. Does the loan allows the procurement on the land and building construction.

    1. Hi Ryan! We’re not sure since this will be OWWA’s discretion. We suggest that you attend the EDT since from there, sasabihin na po nila sainyo kung okay ang inyong proposed business or not.

  35. Hi,

    Paano po ba ang proseso kung ang gusto mong ibusiness ay franchise like food cart?

    kailangan pa ba ng business plan kung ang business na gusto mo ay franchise?

    Puwede po ba maging co-maker ang asawa ko, pareho po kami ofw s dubai pero plano na niyang mag for-good this year?

    Paano po malalaman ang schedule ng training?

    Salamat po

    God Bless


    1. Hi Herald! You can call OWWA directly for the schedule of the training since we don’t have a definite copy yet. Sa EDT narin po malalaman kung ia-allow ang franchise under OWWA loan. Your spouse can be a co-maker as well. You can also consider private lenders since OWWA has strict requirements po. You can check this post for comparison of lenders – http://www.ofwloans.ph/ofw-loan/compare-loans/

  36. What if you don’t have this?

    3. You will need to submit your Statement of Assets and Liabilities. This is a document which states what your properties are (i.e., land, cars, bank accounts, etc.) and debts. You will also need to submit an Authorization to Verify Deposits and Borrowings so Land Bank can check your bank deposits and borrowings with other financial institutions to see if youโ€™re credit-worthy.

    1. Hi Lode! The SALN states all assets and liabilities under your name. This is a necessary requirements because Land Bank needs to verify your status and capability to pay the loan ๐Ÿ™‚ You can also apply with a co-maker who is in good credit standing to increase your chances of approval.

  37. Hi Im an OFW seabase is there any by chance that a BItcoin MIning rig business can be funded by this loan? and if so how much is the interest monthly and how many years to pay?

  38. how can i avail this owwa loan when i came to consulate in dubai the employees said the visa is needed 6month before i will get the owwa member but my company will not renew my visa so i just plan to for good to phillippines. please help me and give me advice for this matter. thats my new company but when am in saudi i am a owwa member and my first year here in dubai i am a owwa member but when i transfer in new company here i did not transfer to my new company.. please help me.

    1. Hi Raymond! OWWA Loan is for OFWs lamang with existing employment contract. This is a requirement imposed po by OWWA.

  39. Hi,

    I am an OFW for 20 years and I am planning to start up a business along with my 2 friends. Can we apply OWWA loan together so we can avail a much higher amount to sustain the business that we are planning to put up? Do we need to attend the ETD or one of us should be fine? about the collateral, does the 3 of us need to give each a collateral? Please advise as I am on leave for 10 days in manila.

    1. Hi Ruby! It is best to apply as a partnership or corporation. You can agree among yourselves on how the capital and possible collateral to be used will be distributed. This would be easier and less complicated arrangement ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Hi,
    My husband and me are both OFW but then Iโ€™m planning to start business in Philippine but my husband still working as OFW.
    Do we still need for collateral?
    Where both working 10 yrs here in Dubai.

    1. Hi Erlinda! Yes, collateral is required since this serves as a guarantee for the loan ๐Ÿ™‚ Collateral can be any form of asset under your name like real estate or deposits.

  41. Hi! I am OFW here in hongkong almost 9 years. I have palay buy and sell already in the Philippines and planning to put up piggery the time I’m for good. Can i used my palay buy and sell and piggery as my collateral to expand my business? Thanks!

    1. Hi Merlita! Yes, you can use that as a collateral ๐Ÿ™‚ Nonetheless, the final say would be from Land Bank na since sila po ang mag-process ng loan application ninyo.

  42. Hi! I’m an OFW since 2007 upto pressent. Just want to know if OWWA also granting loan for investment like DV boer farm offering to OFW’s?

  43. Ilang araw po ang EDP trainings bago matapos? Monday upto Sunday po ba ang pgttraining? Thanks po sa mkksagot.

  44. Im going back to philippines this coming july 9 and i have 30days vacation how can attend the EDT for owwa loan,and what is the requirements for that? Thank you

    1. Hi Recel! Please check with the nearest OWWA office regarding the schedule of Enterprise Development Training. Thanks!

  45. Good day,

    Im an active seaman and would like to apply for OWWA loan using my FIXED DEPOSIT as collateral.
    Considering I have 150k in my fixed deposit how much loan can I avail with OWWA?.

    1. Hi Rommel. OWWA will be the one evaluating your loan application and determine kung magkano ang loan amount based on the income documents you presented as well as your credit score. We can’t provide a specific answer as to how much. Thanks.

    1. Hi Judelyn! We’re not sure if the Philippine Embassy has OWWA representatives who can conduct and process OWWA Loan overseas.

  46. Good day!
    I just want to know how many days needed to undergo the training EDP because im planning to apply fow loan for my additional capital but my vacation is only 10 days.. Thank you

    1. Hi Guilbert. Maaari ninyo malaman ang schedule mula sa OWWA mismo since sila po ang nagse-set ng schedule para sa EDT.

  47. Hello Po Good day!
    Ask lng Po may interest Po ba if ever makapgloan? How many percent Po pag meron.?Thanks Po in advance SA sagot.

    1. Hi Pons. If you will still pursue the same business, then that might be allowed po. Nonetheless, it is best to confirm with OWWA since they will be the one to decide on whether or not the EDT can still be used.

  48. Ma’am, As far as iknow OFW is tax excempt in the Philippines and which we are opt not to file an ITR while on vacation. How can we complied for the requirements of at least filled for three years?

  49. Hello po good day..
    Gusto ko lang po sanang malaman kung pwd bang gawing collateral ung.. sa ofw loa ung re entry visa ko.. kasi bbalik pa po ako.. pero gusto kung .magtayo ng business sa probinsya namin..poultry..piggery..at computer shop po..
    ..sapat na po bah ang.. ung entry visa ko.. para maka avail ng ofw loan..? Salamat po sa sagot..magandang araw po..

    1. Hi Alfie. The entry visa is not considered as collateral. You can try applying with a co-maker na magsisilbing garantiya sa inyong loan. Salamat.

  50. Hi po, ask ko lang po kung ilang days aabutin ang training (phase 1-3) at kung sa pinas lang po ba talaga? We are currently in Dubai po. thank you.

  51. Hi!
    I’m ofw here in Saudi Arabia, I want to apply for an OWWA LOAN for start a business for my family,
    Makakapag loan poba ako kahit nand2 ako s Saudi?
    Plano ko po ksing Magpatayo ng sariling talyer para s papa ko, para d n po xa mangangamohan..
    Ano pong dapat kong gawin..?
    Please po I need advise po, thru my email..
    [email protected]

    1. Hi Ferlyn. Required po that you have to attend the training since from there, they will tell if viable ang business under OWWA Loan. After the training, that’s the time when they will ask you to submit requirements. At this point, you can make SPA allowing someone you trust to process the loan on your behalf.

  52. Hello OWWA,

    Good Day po.

    I am an OFW of 13 years. Naka attend na po ako ng Training Orientation from OWWA & Landbank in Cagayan De Oro last Year pa yon.

    We just started Solar Power Business already dito sa Manila and need ko po ng additional funds para sa product namin. Meron na po akung DTI Certificate.

    Kindly need advise for my next steps po. At ano pang LESS requirements ipapasa ko sa landbank?

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Garry. This may not be allowed since OWWA will be the second mortgagee na. You can try applying with a co-maker po who will help you secure your loan. Thanks.

  53. Hi! I am planning to go home for good next year. I want to start a small food delivery and food processing business. I have a house and lot but it is still being amortized. Other than this, I do not have any real or personal properties that I can put up as collateral. Should I still apply? If yes, when will be the best time to apply and from where? I do not plan on going home anymore until after my Residence Visa expires in November 2020.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello. You may consider applying with a co-maker to help you guarantee your loan, although there is no assurance of approval. You might want to look into private lending companies since the requirements are more relaxed. Thanks!

  54. Bakit po required ng colateral eh kaya nga po kami magloloan kasi wala pa po kmaing sapat na ari arian pr mg start ng business. Pwede po bang walang colateral pero ofw kapa din at sapat nman yung sinsahod mo pr mkbayad sa loan.

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